Get a sick note for work

The NHS provides sickness certification only after seven continuous days of illness.  If you need a sick note to cover this period of sickness you should complete a Self-Certification (SC2) form which is available from your employer or on the HMRC website.

Duration of Illness / Details:

  • Less Than 3 days Your employer should not require a sick note
  • Between 3 and 7 days You should hand in a “self certificate” (SC1). You do not need to see the Doctor for this.
  • More than 7 days You will need a new “Med 3” certificate. You must see the Doctor to get one. It is ONLY at 7 days that you need a Doctors note.
  • I’ve been ill for more than 7 days but saw a different Doctor (e.g. while away, or in A&E); You should fill in a sick note request form ;- the Doctor for a “Med 3” certificate. The Doctor MUST be in receipt of written evidence that you saw another Doctor.
  • If you need an a further sick note you do not need to see a GP. There is a form on the reception desk for you to complete in order for you to request another note.

Non-urgent advice: Patient Notice

Please give 48 hours notice for repeat sick notes.

Please contact the GP surgery as you normally would for a routine appointment as it may be necessary to arrange to discuss your request with a GP.

No. You do not need to see your GP again to be ‘signed back to work’.